Chris Grad - Sep 7, 2020

Unfortunately, traveling to Norway is currently almost impossible in practice due to an obligation to quarantine. Which doesn't mean that you can't dream about traveling to the country. And the popular Nordic country is busy creating new attractions for visitors from all over the world. The latest example is a new “Scenic Route”, a state-supported and marketed panoramic route, to be opened in the Hardangerfjord region.

The “Scenic Route Hardangervidda” project has actually existed since 2018; now it comes to the final stage. The heart of the route is Vøringsfossen, one of Norway's most spectacular and popular waterfalls, nestled between the Hardangerfjord and the hilly Hardangervidda National Park, around 2.5 hours' drive from Bergen. The waterfall falls over 182 meters from the Hardangervidda plateau into a valley called Måbødalen. In order to be able to optimally marvel at this transition from the high plateau to fjord, a spectacular new footbridge was built over the valley by architect Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk. The bridge is 47 meters long and overcomes 16 meters in altitude, and has therefore integrated 99 steps. This bridge will be newly accessible and enrich the existing panoramic road (it replaces the previous, significantly less spectacular viewpoint).


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