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Click on the red ‘+ NEW VIDEO’ button on the top right side of our homepage and upload the video. You will receive a reply from our team shortly after they evaluate your content.

Tourism Review publishes some video content for free, but such is not the case for others. If you have a short newsworthy video, we will post it free of charge after our team has evaluated it.

When you submit video content, our team will determine its newsworthiness and then decide whether or not we will upload it.

However, promotions, adverts, and marketing attract a fee.

Yes! You can republish your YouTube, Facebook, and even Vimeo videos on our website by submitting your video URL. We will evaluate your video and publish it for free if it is newsworthy.

Alternatively, we will also offer you promotional and marketing options to market your video further on our website and beyond.

Your travel services and/or destination(s) will gain broad exposure for your content directly to your target audience.

Utilizing our promotional features such as contextual links, newsletter publishing, and video distribution will also further improve your reach and exposure.

We prefer your videos to be in Full HD 1920 x 1080, but our minimum requirement is HD 1280 × 720.

We have different sizes and specs of banners for you to select. Examples include our Medium rectangle {300x250 px} and Leaderboard {728x90 px}

For the banner posting options and fees please refer to the advertising page.

We have 3 major payment options, including Credit/Debit card, PayPal, and wire transfer.

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