Wayne M. Gore - May 24, 2020

Greek officers are ready to jumpstart the nation’s economy that had been badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic especially as it concerns tourism.

Tourism has resumed after a 60-day shutdown and the nation is putting safety measures in place as they hope tourism rebounds from the effects of the pandemic soon.  

Some safety measures Greece is implementing include 6 feet markings on marble floors to show tourists where to stand and a 90 percent drop in permitted visitors. 

Greece’s culture and sports Minister Lina Mendoni says that visitor numbers to the Akropolis would be slashed from an average of 20,000 people to about 2000 people. 

As the summer tourism period approaches, Greece plans to open to international tourists by July 1st. 

With tourism accounting for 18% of the country’s GDP, and making up 1/5 of the nation’s workforce, barring international tourists is not an option for the historic nation. 

Charlie Shaheen, a Demilmar restaurant owner in Santorini, one of the most popular islands in Greece says new social distancing measures will be taken on beaches and plexiglass partitions will likely be installed for some lounges.

A boat tour operator in Santorini Anthi Arvaniti will also be reducing passengers on her boat as she resumes operations. Anthi is positive that things will get better moving forward.

After months of putting the safety of citizens first, Greece is ready to open up the economy in hopes that tourism will recover soon.


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