Some F.A.Q. about Tourism Review Services: News Channels, Press Release Distributions and etc.

Here you can find the answers of the most common questions that the Tourism Review marketing and publishing team receives.

What is Tourism Review?

Tourism Review (TR) is a modern on-line resource for travel industry professionals and organizations worldwide. The site provides visitors with Daily Travel News, Weekly Travel News, Top 10 tourism rankings, Press Release stream and an Online Tourism Magazine (E-magazine). TR also offers a separate video channel focused on the events and interesting issues in tourism. Updated directories of festivals, travel fairs, as well as travel companies and organizations provide important information for all the travel professionals worldwide.

In what markets does Tourism Review work?

Although our head office is in the Czech Republic through our English edition we reach far beyond the European borders to Asia, Africa, Americas as well as numerous exotic countries. Our globalized approach is enhanced by our team of editors who are based not only in the UK and USA but also United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Recently TR changed its web design and logo. Are there any other substantial changes in TR’s services?

The change of the design and logo reflects our new strategy aimed at the expansion of our services. Besides our global edition in English we have launched localized versions of the newswire, particularly in German, Russian, Polish, and Czech but we are preparing other language versions as well.

What is Tourism Review Digital Network?

Tourism Review Digital Network or TRDN is basically a global network offering opportunities for multilingual marketing and communication within the travel trade. Its aim is to help tourism stakeholders increase their online visibility not only in English-speaking internet but also regional travel markets. Through TRDN it is thus possible e.g. to distribute your articles and other content in numerous local markets and thus reach the potential non-English speaking clients. To learn more go HERE.

What are the advertising options on TR web?

TR offers a range of possibilities (FREE or paid) for promoting your travel organization or services. You can advertise through our Industry Links directory, Events Calendar or Festival Finder, post banners, videos, publish graphic advertisements in TR monthly e-magazine, or advertorials and short announcements in our weekly newsletter. Another option is posting your press release in our PR channel. Special rates are offered in case of long-term cooperation.

Do you publish press releases of tourism companies?

Yes, we have a special channel for press releases. Your message can be published either for free in the basic version or in enhanced form (including a picture and hyperlinks) for favorable rates. The press releases are published both in the global edition in English but also in several other languages – e.g. German and Russian – through our regional web editions. To learn more go HERE.

Are there any other promotion services in tourism you offer?

Among the other promo tools we offer is especially online article marketing. Quite popular and highly efficient is also viral marketing in the form of blogs and social media marketing as well as the distribution of contents through our video channel. Social media bookmarking is also one of the favorite tools chosen by savvy companies that want to increase their web traffic cost-effectively. All these services are again offered in English market as well as through the regional TR editions. To learn more go HERE.

We are a small travel business with limited budget but we want to promote our services internationally. What do you suggest?

TR is dedicated to serve not only the big players but smaller businesses as well. Therefore we offer a range of advertising options that tackle the needs of any advertiser. If you want for instance to reach a specific market we can offer efficient promotion in the Russian, German, Polish and Czech speaking tourism industry market. Thrifty travel organizations also often opt for multilingual Search Engine Optimization which is accessible even with limited budget. TR thus offers the creation and promotion of a landing page that allows even small companies to be highly visible in their target tourism market. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

How can I get in touch with Tourism Review team?

Please go to our Contact Us page. We will be pleased to answer your questions and provide our expert knowledge of the global tourism industry.