Chris Grad - May 25, 2020

A review of data and facts concerning the 20 largest UK airports has found the best and worst airports, rating them out of 100%. The 20 largest hotels were chosen based on passenger numbers from 2018. These hotels were then rated based on Amenities, Commute, and on-time flights.

Data from the 20 airports, the Civil Aviation Authority, local public transport organizations, taxi firms, rideshare Apps, ExpertFlyer, and personal visits were put together to give this review.

London Stansted Airport rated the worst with a long, segmented commute to the City center taking over 70 minutes. The airport also rates poor for having only one lounge reserved for first-class, business class, and priority passengers, with no spas and no kids’ area. 

Stansted also had the worst average delay time of 23 minutes across the year. 

Glasgow airport rated the best of all UK airports with a cheap, comfortable and timely commute. The airport also has the best score for amenities with 4 lounges and a spa. 

Glasgow has the lowest average delay times of 14 minutes across the year. 

Top 5 airports in the United Kingdom

With the Glasgow airport being the first, the next 4 best airports in order or rating include London Heathrow Airport (LHR), George Best Belfast City Airport (BHD), Newcastle Airport (NCL), and Edinburg Airport (EDI). 

Worst 5 airports in the United Kingdom 

After the London Stansted airport, the 4 worst airports include London Southend Airport (SEN), Aberdeen Airport (ABZ), London Luton Airport (LTN), and Belfast International Airport.


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