Saturday, September 23, 2017

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The pharaohs’ women

Overshadowed for millenia by their famous pharaonic husbands, the queens of Egypt have now been given a share of the limelight with a new exhibition in Monaco. ...

9-Story Candle Tower Carried

A more than 27-meter tower with candles is carried through an Italian village to honour St. Rose, who died more than 759 years ago. ...

Spain’s Tomato Food Fight

In Bunol, Spain residents and tourists pelt each other with more than 200 000 pounds of tomatoes in the annual Tomatina festival. ...

Fireball-throwing festival in El Salvador

Residents in El Salvador take part in an annual festival in which they throw fireballs at each other. ...

Lunar festival celebrations in China

China celebrates its Autumn Lunar festival with specially designed lanterns and delicious moon cakes. ...
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