Sunday, September 24, 2017

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Women-only hotel opens in Riyadh

The first hotel solely for female guests has been opened in Saudi Arabia. The hotel's aim is to provide a space where women in the country can stay whilst traveling or simply go to for a day at the ...

Become an inmate for the night at a German prison hotel

For about 50 euros, you can stay in a former prison that has been converted into a hotel in the town of Kaiserslautern in southwestern Germany. ...

Vatican Goes Solar

Workers recently began installing donated solar panels on the papal auditorium’s roof, part of Vatican City’s effort to reduce its carbon footprint. ...

Scientists from St. Petersburg set teleportation record

The St. Petersburg Institute of Biosensor Psychology has been registered in Russia’s Book of Records. It took its employees several minutes to teach teleportation to 250 people. ...

Seeing tree houses in New York

A tree house art exhibition is set to open in New York. The tree hut exhibition opens this week and runs through December 31. ...
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