Sunday, September 24, 2017

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Space Tourist Ship Unveiled

A U.S. Company unveiled its two-seat ship for space tourists – Lynx. It plans to begin test flights in 2010. ...

The treasure of the Baltic Sea: danger for Kaliningrad’s divers

Dozens of sunken military ships threaten the safety of the Baltic Sea, said Kaliningrad’s rescue workers. The ships are filled with World War II unexploded shells. ...

Amazon Rainforest

The mythical Amazon .. where life flows with the water. ...

Space tourist: “It was an incredible trip!

The International Space Station (ISS) expedition, including Sergei Volkov, Oleg Kononenko and Richard Garriott, landed safely in Kazakhstan. ...

Destination: Antarctica

It is the coldest, largest desert of the world, but in growing numbers, tourists are making their way to Antarctica. ...
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